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Reliable Nutrition & Health Coaching - Capital Region, NY


Caroline Caputo  will create a unique and specific lifestyle plan catered to you. 

Do you feel sluggish all the time? Is your weight not where you want it to be? Don't get caught up in the latest dietary trends and quick fix health solutions for weight loss and body firming. Caroline will sit down with you to discuss your health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition goals and develop a plan that works for you. Her integrative health coaching service  may include:


* Semi-monthly 60 minute sessions either in person or FaceTime/Skype

* On-going nutritional guidance between sessions

*Weekly texting checking-Ins

*Simple, healthy recipes that works for your lifestyle

*Fitness and Wellness Guidance which develops and grows with the individual client "fitting" your needs, working towards a healthier lifestyle!

Schedule your nutrition and Health Coaching session by contacting us today at (518) 365-9564

Find out more how a specific lifestyle plan can work for you!

Take a Healthy Leap Forward & Never Look back


Integrative Nutrition Counseling: Trust Caroline to FIND A SOLUTION that WORKS BEST for YOU.

Maintaining a balanced meal plan can be difficult  and fast weight loss programs don't work. With her years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Integrative Health Coach, Caroline will help find the right plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. She will utilize her knowledge with various dietary theories to evaluate your current lifestyle choices and together both of you will design a personal regimen to help you reach your wellness goal.

Make the decision to eat and live healthier today. Call us now to schedule a consultation for Integrative Health  Counseling and Integrative Nutrition Guidance.

Wrinkle Reduction, Body Contouring, Body Sculpting,Skin Tightening,Cellulite Reduction in the Capital Region, NY


Our bodies are constantly changing and as we age the changes become more  prevalent. Caroline is a proud Venus Legacy provider and a Certified Champion Venus Legacy Clinician in association with Joe O'Hagan, P.T.A., S.C.S.,  Certified Venus Legacy Clinician, owner of RJN, Physical Therapy.   

Individualized, customized Venus Legacy Treatment Packages are created on a "client by client" basis adhering to the philosophy "no two bodies are the same" - bio-indivuality. Venus Legacy is a highly advanced, non-invasive device that effectively treats the face and  body, literally head to toe. Venus Legacy capabilities is the  Non-surgical answer for cellulite reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and circumferential reduction . As we age, the body starts to produce less collagen and stores more fat which can lead to cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of tone and definition, often resulting in a loss  of a youthful , healthly or vibrant  appearance... Sun damage and other environmental stressors  can accelerate early aging conditions. Venus Legacy is the perfect solution which may reverse or halt further damage. Venus Legacy uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency to deliver fast, pain free, heat to multiple depths, resulting in superior outcomes. Cutting-edge  Varipulse technology, with vacuum and skin air-cooling mechanisms ensure utmost client comfort with visible results, often witnessed after the first treatment. Venus Legacy Treatments are safe for all skin types with NO downtime, naturally boosting collagen production,  capable of breaking down fat cells smoothing out cellulite, improves sagging skin, and diminishes wrinkles. Venus Legacy can be used from head to toe - You pick the treatment area and we discuss the end goal. Do you have "Stuborn areas" on your body where eating  healthly and exercise can't  address ? There is a Venus Legacy treatment for you.

Schedule your appointment today with Caroline. Caroline and Joe, your Venus Legacy Clinicians, will guide you and put together the perfect treatment package specifically for you whether your looking to contour, tone, or firm-up your abdomen or wanting to  tighten, lift, and reduce wrinkles on your face.  Both men and women are enjoying Venus Legacy benefits of a healthy silhoutte.-Head to toe!



Despite modern medicine and surgeries, pain can be difficult to live with. If you are considering looking for  Integrative therapeutic pain management options, Caroline and Joe have helped manage some common chronic conditions/injuries with the Venus Legacy. 

* Chronic Pain 

* Nerve Pain

*Soft Tissue Injuries

*Musculoskeletal Pain such as neck, back, hand, wrist, tendonitis, etc...

*Neurological Pain such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc..

*Venus Legacy Treatments can be used for both pre-sport activies as a therapeutic muscle warm-up and for post-sport muscle soreness relief 

"Every Body" is different and there is "No one Treatment" plan that works for everyone. Venus Legacy Treatments are all customized for the individual. Add Venus Legacy to your wellness alternative tool box which may be able to help manage and possibly relieve your chronic pain. Integrative options are one phone call away. Call Caroline or Joe at (518) 365-9564 and book your consultation. 

Integrative Health


Integrative Nutrition

Feed your Mind, Body, & Spirit as organically as possible. Eat for your body type, eat what your body craves. "Every Body is different". The food on your plate is just as important as the lifestyle you lead. Ultimately, the food you eat & the attention you give to feeding/nurturing your mind and spirit create a whole being.


Integrative Health Coach

Create your own agenda. Nothing in your past defines your future. Discover how to improve your health & quality of life. Balance of Health, Wellness, & Fitness is uniquely individual. The Mind, Body, & Spirit connection is greatly enhanced when there is a true Awakening. Caroline,an Integrative Health Coach can be your guide,mentor. Begin your journey to being the best you, today.  


Integrative Health, Wellness, Fitness & Venus Legacy: Unique Blend! Unique Result!

A client eating organically, whole foods, & working-out appropriately & effectively may require Venus Legacy to obtain optimal physical results where diet & exercise can never address. Strategies to enact, real lasting changes meant to enhance overall wellness while being able to offer the benefits of Venus Legacy make for a unique blend of Integrative Health assets. Caroline E. Caputo, MA, Integrative Health Coach, is a Champion Certified Venus Legacy Provider: Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Body Enhancement Treatments. "Caroline" Miracle Cream Oil : *Lift * Firm Body Cream exclusively formulated for Venus Legacy treatment post care. Linden & CO. age defying, organic & all natural lip,eye,face & body  Miracle Cream Oil products melt into your skin & compliment all of our Venus Legacy treatments. Purchase on line & at the office.